Personalized Learning: Design & Evaluation

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School Design & Pilot Support

Breakthrough Schools Chicago Strategic Support

Client: LEAP Innovations

The Challenge

LEAP Innovations seeks to bridge the gap between education and innovation for teachers and students from pre-K through college. They aim to guide educators through developing and implementing personalized learning environments to provide student-centered instruction tailored to each individual student’s needs. In April 2014, LEAP Innovations launched Breakthrough Schools Chicago, a year-long program providing grants and coaching to 15 school leaders to build and establish next-generation schools. In November 2015, CA Group partnered with LEAP to empower more schools in Chicago to use personalized learning to solve instructional challenges in their schools.

Our Solution

CA Group provided the Breakthrough Schools leaders with personalized strategic support to applicants on building their personalized learning models. In addition to providing written feedback on plans, CA Group worked alongside various other content area experts to provide individualized, differentiated, and scaffolded support to school-based team through 1:1 coaching sessions as they refined their personalized learning business plans. CA Groups supports included identification of instructional gaps and opportunities, as well as support in designing an innovative school model and student/teacher experience.


  • Schools will leave the program with fully executable business plans—or blueprints—for implementing personalized learning in their school, including a multi-year implementation plan; and

  • 7 grants will be awarded to schools for the purposes of implementing their pilots.

CA Group Team Members & Partners

  • Cat Alexander
  • Kristen Buri
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