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Program Effectiveness Evaluation

Evaluation of Blended Learning in California Catholic Schools

Client: The Riordan Foundation

“Cat and her team bring a unique perspective with their experience in education and foundation work. This knowledge helped The Riordan Foundation evaluate its impact and identify areas of opportunity around metrics. The CA Group is also straightforward, thoughtful, and timely with their work, making it an enjoyable process.” -Jessica Flores, President, The Riordan Foundation

The Challenge

The mission of the Riordan Foundation is “to provide students, especially those in low-income communities, with access to a high quality education that will prepare them to compete successfully in the 21st century.” One mechanism by which the foundation aimed to accomplish this goal is through supporting blended learning in Catholic schools. While several Catholic schools have incorporated blended learning, the foundation wished to know how its dollars could be most effectively leveraged in supporting the expansion of blended learning in Catholic schools. The foundation brought in CA Group to conduct the research and preliminary analysis needed to help inform their conversation.

Our Solution

CA Group conducted a thorough analysis of the blended learning programs in three Catholic school organizations, resulting in a two-part report on each program and a succinct presentation detailing a summary of findings across all organizations. In addition to recommendations regarding future funding, each study consisted of two parts:

  • Part I: A financial analysis assessing a wide variety of fiscal measures, including: startup and ongoing costs; the impact of the program on the school budget and student tuition; the school’s financial goals; and the impact of the program on student enrollment.

  • Part II: An academic analysis evaluating several academic measures, including: mechanisms the school used to assess program success; ways in which the school determined the unique contribution of the blended learning program; and how the school is performing according to blended learning indicators as well as compared to other blended learning programs across the country.


The foundation used the findings from the CA Group analysis to:

  • Create a dialogue between the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of San Jose regarding how to use blended learning as an approach to transform Catholic education. The Diocese of San Jose’s conversion to blended learning led to cultural, curricular, and organizational changes at the school and Diocese administrative levels.

  • Inspire the foundation to facilitate an annual community of practice among Catholic schools in Los Angeles implementing blended learning.

CA Group Team Members

  • Cat Alexander
  • Jamie Prijatel
  • Kirsten McKone