Personalized Learning School Design & Replication

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Expanding Personalized Learning Solutions

Expansion of Personalized Learning Plan Pilot Program

Client: Facebook

About the Project

Over the past year, a small team of Facebook engineers has been working with educators from Summit Public Schools, a charter school network in the Bay Area, to create a classroom experience centered around students’ ambitions that takes advantage of all the technology and information accessible to a kid growing up today. Summit leverages technology to propel student learning through Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) managed by online “playlists” of exercises, activities, and assessments; Facebook is partnering with Summit to hone and expand the PLP through a pilot study with a cohort of several schools across the country. CA Group was selected to provide critical expertise in personalized learning and key project support to ensure the successful expansion of the pilot program.

For more information on the partnership between Facebook and Summit, see the article Facebook recently released announcing the project.

CA Group Team Members

  • Cat Alexander
  • Pamela Barrier
  • Kristen Buri
  • Bebe Ryan