Personalized Learning School Design & Replication

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Network & District Strategic Planning

Next Generation Systems Initiative Phase I Design

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Challenge

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to the goal of creating a future in which at least 80 percent of students complete their K-12 education prepared to succeed in college. To accomplish this dramatic increase, the Gates Foundation established the Next Generation Systems Initiative, aimed at supporting a cohort of school districts in designing, launching, and replicating personalized learning schools. With this ambitious vision, the Gates Foundation required support in a wide variety of areas, from expertise in K-12 education and personalized learning to efficient, effective project management and content development.

Our Solution

The Gates Foundation contracted CA Group to provide project management, content development, and knowledge management for Next Generation System design teams and technical assistance consultants. CA Group served as a project manager for Phase I of the initiative, supporting school districts through the implementation of the personalized learning system-level strategic plans and in designing or redesigning schools around personalized learning models.

For the initial phase of work, CA Group supported the Gates Foundation in the following ways:

  • Facilitated logistics for the grant and convening events, coordinated internal communication, drafted documents, and conducted internal grant processing; provided key project management support including grants administration, Q&A response, and grant analysis for the initial phase of the work;

  • Served as lead reviewer on system-level strategic plans, coordinated reviewer calls, coordinated due diligence follow-ups and evidence collection, conducted due diligence visits, and managed the review process and timeline;

  • Supported the development of convening and site visit schedules and the pilot application process; conducted check-ins and site visits with district systems teams, assisted with the selection process, and coordinated technical assistance and other content providers.


Next Generation System Initiative Cohort Winners include the following districts:

  • Dallas Independent School District, TX

  • Henry County Schools, GA

  • Lake County Schools, FL

  • Pinellas County Schools, FL

  • Riverside Unified School District, CA


  • Blueprint Education Consulting

CA Group Team Members

  • Cat Alexander