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State-Level Personalized Learning Landscape Analysis

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Challenge

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to creating a future in which at least 80 percent of students complete their K-12 education prepared to succeed in college, and the foundation views personalized learning as a key lever in accomplishing its goal. While currently active in supporting the organizations leading the way in personalized learning, the foundation was also interested in discovering and learning more about organizations, teams, and individuals with whom they were unfamiliar, in order to inform future investment opportunities.

Our Solution

In partnership with Nina Lopez, CA Group conducted analyses of personalized learning in four states: California, Colorado, Florida and Tennessee. First, CA Group explored the current status of personalized learning efforts in the largest and most influential districts and charter networks in each state. In addition, CA Group identified other notable innovative practices, promising opportunities, and general trends in personalized learning and competency-based initiatives.

Concurrently, CA Group identified effective, local technical assistance providers and teacher networks involved in similar initiatives in each state. CA Group also noted key organizations and individuals advocating for progress in innovative education and designing policy in support of personalized learning. Finally, CA Group synthesized the philanthropic and business community’s focus on and involvement with these initiatives in the state, and identified notable local thought leaders on programmatic and policy issues.


In addition to informing internal strategy, this work led to the creation of a state-level database describing instances of personalized learning in critical areas of the K-12 ecosystem, including schools, advocacy, policy, technical assistance providers, and local funders. Additionally, CA Group created state-level strategic presentations synthesizing research findings and making investment recommendations.


Nina Lopez Consulting

CA Group Team Members

  • Cat Alexander
  • Bebe Ryan
  • Becca Bunn
  • Kristen Buri