Next Generation Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning School Design & Replication

  • School Design & Pilot Support
  • Innovative Program Development
  • Program Effectiveness Evaluation
Continuous Innovation Cycle Support

School Design & Pilot Support

CA Group designs, implements and supports personalized blended learning pilots in charter and district classrooms, grade levels, and/or schools by leveraging instructional support, adaptive content and operational re-design. See sample projects in this area.

School Autonomy Design

Innovative Program Development

CA Group facilitates comprehensive strategic support and thought partnership through all stages of new program development, from implementing personalized learning models to planning conference themes and session content. See sample projects in this area.

Program Effectiveness Evaluation

Program Effectiveness Evaluation

Guided by school, network, or foundation priorities, CA Group designs and conducts outcomes-based evaluations of personalized learning programs based on a variety of metrics—from student performance to school operations and budget. See sample projects in this area.

Social Metric Development

Network & District Strategic Planning

CA Group supports large charter networks and districts in designing classroom- or school-level personalized learning models and developing plans to scale those personalized models at the district level, including establishing metrics and proof points. See sample projects in this area.

School Design & Pilot Support

Expanding Personalized Learning Solutions

CA Group collaborates with corporate partners, foundations, school networks, and districts to design models that empower students with the autonomy to drive their educational experience and maximize their learning and achievement. See sample projects in this area.