CA Group is a nationally recognized strategic consulting firm that supports organizations seeking to improve the quality of education nationwide.

CA Group works with schools, districts, and charter management organizations to design personalized solutions for challenges in their schools.

At CA Group, we are coaches, experts, sounding boards, and facilitators; we bring our expertise and experience to bear not to administer prefabricated programs, but to guide teams in identifying and building their own solutions.

Although our engagements are centered around a concrete problem or challenge, our ultimate goal is to equip teams with the design and problem-solving skills to continue iterating on their ideas and designing solutions independently in the long term. We support teams in shifting mindsets and behaviors toward a common vision for school and maintaining a sense of urgency around  continued innovation even after our partnership concludes.

We believe that blended learning is a powerful lever to personalize learning and improve student outcomes.

This belief is central to our vision, and it is what drives us to design, implement, support, and scale successful school and system redesign.

We believe impact is something our clients make, not something that we confer upon them. We record and share  our practices and processes so that we build capacity, not maintain dependence. And we dream big, because we do work that matters and we have the confidence in our record of success, collective knowledge, and drive.

Schools need problem-solving partners, not programs.

CA Group’s approach centers on creating experiences, resources, and routines that set educators up for long-term success as drivers of innovation. We believe that innovation is an ongoing process: Rather than delivering a discrete product, we invite teams into the act of exploration and design, supporting them in launching initiatives to better serve students and equipping them to continue to think, design, and transform over the long term.